Amarettos Ice Cream Parlour

Amarettos Ice Cream Parlour

So this weekend, I discovered another little shop on the highstreet that has been there for sometime but I have not had a chance to try out. Amarettos Ice Cream Parlour is only a few doors down from our pub and it was HIGH time that I walked down and checked out what they had to offer!

I went for a Double Salted Caramel Cone, and seriously…. it was the BEST tasting ice cream I have EVER had. Why? Well, it was salty and caramel tasty, like the title of the flavour describes, but there is no words to describe how creamy it was! It was a delicious dairy punch in the mouth, rich and smooth, Damn…. I want another one already. Some in our group said it was TOO rich and creamy!? That is impossible for me, I loved it and I can not give this place as much praise as it deserves. Next time I go, I will look into other flavours.

I asked, and its made locally, in Bonnington, Kent, which is just up the road. They do Mr Whippy soft ice cream and the usual Cornetto and Magnum for those who are not ready to handle a real ice cream.

So Amarettos – If you read this review then, I need to come and try out some MORE flavours and perhaps we can come to some sort of payment and I will write you another review.

Also, my little boy LOVED it, he is a bit of an Ice Cream connoisseur and smashed a adult size ice cream before he set his sights on mine! I will be back!


Amarettos Ice Cream Parlour – Find them here